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We are helping to establish Hope Baptist Church on the border of South Korea and North Korea. This independent Baptist Church will minister directly to North Korean refugees who have escaped the oppression of North Korea and Chinese immigrants in South Korea. There are numerous humanitarian agencies in this area that help with food, shelter, clothing, and medicine, but our desire is to meet their spiritual need by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have a Korean/Chinese pastor and an American missionary on location ready to serve - we just need a building!

We have located a building in the location near where North Korean refugees are processed, and by faith have made an offer with a deposit.  We need $75,000.00 for the lease and remodeling costs. We will have to purchase chairs, tables, office materials, and build a kitchen area/dining room.  We are deaing with refugees with NO income.  God has provided the people, and we trust He will provide the funds.  Please go to our DONATE page and contritibute towards HOPE BAPTIST CHURCH.  We serve a great God who can do great things!


Join The Team!


NEWS UPDATE:  Distribution Teams will be going into South Korea in 2021.  Ministry outreach into Closed Countries. 


Would you like to help distribute

God's Word?





Ministry opportunities for:

  • Street Ministry
  • Bible Distribution
  • Tract Distribution
  • Missionary Visits
  • Church Services
  • US Military Outreach
  • DMZ Visit

There are 52 million people in South Korea and another 25 million in North Korea.  

They need to know the Saviour of the world.  We have Bibles and gospel tracts waiting

in Seoul, South Korea - but someone needs to give them out.


For more information Contact 864-380-8876



God is calling someone strong and courageous! The Bible Team is looking for Christians willing to step out of their comfort zone for Jesus.  While there are millions of Christians throughout Asia, many or most of them do not have access to Scriptures.  We have Bibles and Children's Material waiting to be taken to them, but someone needs to carry them.  
Maybe He's calling YOU!

Participants in a Bible Distribution Trip have the unique opportunity to bring God's Word into countries where Bibles are scarce.  You will gain a fresh perspective on the underground Churches and meet local Christians willing to risk everything for their faith.

Bible Distribution Trips are open to Christians who are in good spiritual and physical health - able to walk a few miles each day and able to pull and lift Bible-filled luggage of up to 60 pounds.  Luggage is provided and has wheels, but some lifting is required.  
Call our office today at 1-864-380-8876 to request an application.

Additional Information:

*You need a valid passport
*It is NOT illegal
*Space is limited to 8 persons per/trip


Specific countries and details are omitted due to safety and security concerns.  

You can sign up for our monthly newsletter for additional information by clicking on Mailing List.

Thank you for you prayers and support. 
Robbie Mullinax

The Lord gave the word; great was the company of those that publish it.   Psalms 68:11


Financial support helps provide:

Study Bibles
Training Material
Children's Packets

The Bible Team
c/o Tabernacle Baptist Missions
3931 White Horse Road
Greenville, SC. 29611









Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me? Jer. 32:27


Send your gift TODAY to :

The Bible Team

3931 White Horse Road

Greenville, SC. 29611


The purpose of the Bible Team is to spread The Gospel of Jesus Christ to the unreached people groups in the 10/40 window.  




Be a Five-Star Christian:
A great church is made up of strong Christians and strong Christian families.

Read God's Word
The Bible says, Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God." Reading the Bible is vital to the Christian life. As we read the Bible, we should search the Scriptures, comparing Scripture with Scripture. Also, set a goal to memorize Scripture and meditate on the Word of God. In our personal lives and with our families each day, we need to be reading the Word of God.

We believe that God hears and answers prayer. There is no doubt
about it, the greatest untapped resource in the Christian life is the matter of prayer. Pray each day. Pray for loved ones. Pray for church leaders and their families. Pray for your church. Pray for our nation. Pray for the lost. Establish a prayer list. Pray.

Attend Church Faithfully
The Lord Jesus Christ deserves your faithfulness. Attend every service of the church. A great deal of the strength of the church is based on the faithfulness of the people. Support special meetings at the church with your faithful attendance.

God's work is to be supported God's way. The Bible teaches that we should pay the tithe and give our offerings. Practice tithing as a conviction. Bring the Lord's tithe with you to church each Sunday. Support the ministries of the church with offerings. By faith give to worldwide missions. Support the Christian education endeavors of the church. We cannot outgive God.

Witness to the Lost
Our Lord Jesus Christ came to seek and to save that which was lost. He left us on earth to tell others about the Savior. Determine to bring others to the Savior. Work to bring other families to Christ and to the church. Set a time to go. Make a list of names and addresses of people you want to reach for Christ.

Determine to Be a Five-Star Christian

This is a time when you can be a real help and encouragement to your pastor. May God help you to work together to see something beyond the ordinary accomplished for Christ through your church.