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The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it. - Psalm 68:11

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Safe Houses And Storage Facilities

It is important to protect Scriptures from the Communist authorities once they have been printed. We have two safe houses located in Mainland China, a storage facility in Hong Kong, and another in South Korea. We keep them stocked with illegal Scriptures and Gospel tracts that are distributed to underground churches. It costs approximately $15,000 a year to maintain these facilities. You can GIVE TODAY to help us protect GOD's WORD!

Korean SD Cards For North Korea

We are sending the Gospel on data chips loaded with the Word of God through our ministry partner, Bro. Silas. These SD cards are smuggled by Korean and Chinese believers into strategic cities within North Korea and distributed to underground churches at great risk of life. The goal is to supply 50,000 SD cards into North Korea this year. The average cost of a loaded SD card is $4.30. We will need $215,000 to meet the demand. Pray with us for God's continued blessing, safety, provision and open doors.

National Pastor Support

There are a number of National Chinese and Korean pastors and layman involved in our smuggling operations. Of course we can't make their identities known, but God knows who they are and what great risks they take for the Gospel of Christ. They are in need of financial support to provide for their families and to cover travel and shipping costs. Contributions are processed through Tabernacle Baptist Missions International. You can designate your contribution to Bro. Daniel.

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Chinese / English - John and Romans Print Project

There are over 6 million Chinese currently living in the United States. The two largest communities are in San Francisco and New York City. They each have over a half million Chinese residents. We have started our Chinese restaurant ministry, already reaching nearly 5,000 restaurants in the Southeastern US. We desperately need a new printing of Chinese John/Romans. Since this printing is for Chinese living in America, we will include the English KJV.

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